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Education is the key to success the more you become educated, the closer you become to success. Education can be of any type whether it is about any religion or about any other field in world. The thing that make the man or a woman successful is not only a education but the dedication and passion of the person to learn something or to get command on something in which he or she is interested makes him a successful person.

In this article we are going discuss about some personality (Richest Chartered Accountant) , who were every passionate towards their education and latter towards their work and as a result of their passion and hard work they became the most successful person of this era. And people see them as a role model for their life. We are going to explore some of the most richest Chartered Accountants in world.

Top 6 Richest Chartered Accountant:

6. Sir Brain Souter:

Sir Brain Souter is a successful Scottish businessman, born in 5th of August 1954, he established the Stagecoach of buses and rail operators along with his sister (Ann Gloag). And you will be shocked to now that he was a child of a bus driver, but the hark work of this man made him the Sir Brain Souter a person who has a current wealth of 1.04 Billion Dollars. And in April 2017 he has became a President of Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of Scotland (ICAS).

5. Paul Coulson:

Paul Coulson is an Irish billionaire, born in april 1952, he is a chairman of Ardagh Group. He completed his Chartered Accountancy in 1978 and now he stand in 5th ranking of richest Chartered Accountants with the total wealth of 1.07 Billion Dollars.

4. Arthur Blank:

Arthur Blank was born in September 1942, he is a American Businessman and a co-founder of The Home Depot. Today he Chairman, CEO and President of AMB Group LLC parent company of Falcons and Atlanta United. And he ranked on 4th in ranking of richest Chartered Accountant because of his all time earning which is 3.9 Billion Dollars.

3. Denise Coates:

Denis Coates is an English businesswomen, was born in September 1967. She is a founder and chief executive of biggest online gambling company known as Bet365. She is not only a successful businesswoman but she is very well aware of her social and moral responsibilities, in 2012 she donated 100 million Dollars earned from Bet365 in 20 United Kingdom different charities.

2. Kumar Mangalam Birla:

Kumar Mangala Birla was born in June 1967 and he is one of the biggest business tycoon in India. He is the chairman of Aditya Birla Group, has done Chartered Accountancy from ICAI. And he currently has a wealth of 12.5 Billion Dollars.

1. Phil Knight:

nike photoPhil Knight is one of the leading businessman of United State Of America, was born in Feb 1938. He is the co-founder and a chairman of a very well know brand named NIKE. Inc. In 2016 he was considered as 15th richest man in world with a wealth of 28 Billion Dollars. And currently he the richest Chartered Accountant alive on earth with the wealth of 25.1 Billion Dollars.


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