Big Four Firms And Their Revenue

Chartered Accountants are the Godfather of Accountancy Profession and led its global development. They holds the most inflectional positions in any organization such as decision maker, financial advisers or a business leaders. You fill find Chartered Accountant working in many parts of economy, advising business organizations and public sectors for their betterment in their business. But to become a Chartered Accountant is not so easy, despite of their tough course outline they also have to do training as an audit trainee along with their studies. Every country’s Professional Accountancy Body has his own Standard Operating Policies (SOP’s) regarding the training session of CA students. There are some some business firms that rules over the Chartered Accountancy Glob know by the name of BIG FOUR FIRMS, in this blog we are going to discuss these firms and their revenue.

Big Four Chartered Accountancy Firms:

1. A. F. Ferguson & Co.:

A. F. Ferguson & Co. is the largest firm of professional accountant operating in three metropolitan cities Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. AFF offers their services in the field of accountancy, taxation and Audit and HR consultancyIt is a UK based firm having 236 thousand total number of employees, the headquarter of Ferguson is situated in United Kingdom, in 2017 Fiscal year Ferguson has made the revenue of 37.7 Billion Dollars.

2. Ernst & Young:

EY is one of largest professional accountancy firm in whole world and one of the Big Four Firm. It is also a UK based firm, its headquarter is situated in London (UK). In 2017, Fortune magazine ranked EY 29th on the list of 100 best company to work for. EY has 750 offices in almost 150 countries and have 231 thousand total number of employees, however the revenue of EY in 2017 Fiscal year is 31.4 Billion Dollars.

3. Deloitte:

Deloitte is UK incorporated multinational firm but it has his operational headquarter in New York (United States), Deloitte is the biggest Professional Accountancy Firm among all big four firms having more than 263 thousand employees globally. In 2016 Deloitte is the 6th largest privately owned organization in United States. In 2017 Fiscal year Deloitte has earned a record break revenue of 38.8 Billion Dollars.

4. Klynveid Peat Marwick Geordeler:

KPMG is also one of the ruler of Chartered Accountancy Glob, it is a Netherlands based firm having headquarter in Amstelveen. It has around 190 thousand employees all over the world, Likewise, all other professional firms KPMG also provides the services of Auditing, Assurance Taxation and Financial Advisory. In 2016 Fiscal year KPMG has earned the revenue of 25.9 Billion Dollars.

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